Our Philosophy...

"No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care"

This phrase forms a central part of our PHILOSOPHY (what we stand for, and they key starting points that shape all our coaching and guiding experiences).

We firmly believe in the fact a quality experience relies upon our coaches and guides being invested in you as a person - your goals, your motivations, and getting to know you as an individual person and a paddler.  Technical and tactical skills surround this of course, but at the core is supporting you to be the paddler that you want to be.  Taking the time to listen to you is at the heart of this, and showing you that we care about what you need and want.

"A multi-disciplined specialist paddlesport business.  Always learning, reflecting and developing ourselves."

We are a multi-disciplined paddlesport coaching business through and through - we strive to offer you the most up-to-date techniques in all the craft we specialise in.  All coaches are passionate about developing their own skills and continually embracing learning themselves.  Good coaches and guides, continually reflect, develop, strive to improve and evolve their practice - we are no exception to that.

"Technique + Context = Skill."

Our coaching practice aims to make you the most SKILFUL paddler you can be, in line with your goals and motivations.  

For that to happen: supporting you to be creative, embrace challenge and play, embrace failure sometimes, and making you robust and confident are at the core of the process.  For us, paddling is a bit about technique, but it's a lot more about skill in dynamic and changeable environments.  Skill comes from being a good problem solver, understanding and being able to perceive the environment well, in order to produce the right action at the right time.  We know that context, and just the right venue and environment, are essential to skill development; and repetitive drills less so!

"Building confidence through competence - with fun and choice at the heart of it."

Our coaching strives to make you more confident doing what you love, in the places and conditions you want to develop in.  Aside from some anxiety control methods, there is no escaping that comes from being and feeling competent - which comes from learning.  For a positive learning experience, providing choice and having fun are mainstays of that - and the mainstays of all the coaching that we deliver.